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Make easy money online. IQ Option refers to the very popular among the traders category of binary option brokers offering to start trading with a relatively small amount of money. One of the important features of the company is the availability of CYSEC, which provides customers with peace of mind in the binary market. The minimum account for IQ Option is only $ 10, and the cost of binary options starts from $ 1. You can open a deposit in euros, dollars, to whom it is more convenient. This time I will tell you about the effective way to earn money in the IQ Option, which is difficult for most other brokers to use in the binary market. What is this feature of the IQ Option broker? It consists in the opportunity to purchase binary options worth $ 1, which is very useful in the method of earnings, which I will talk about in this review.
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How to Make an IQ Option Broker Did you notice that the price in the market fluctuates all the time? It can "stamp" almost on the spot for a long time, or start growing rapidly, and then quickly turn around in the opposite direction. Rarely, when it happens that the market is constantly falling, not correcting upwards or vice versa, it is constantly growing, not rolling back down, at least for a short time.
This observation allowed speculators to use the martingale system, developed more than 100 years ago, for trading binary options. There are various assumptions about the emergence of martingale, but one of the most popular is the view that this system was first developed for playing roulette. Now we come to the essence of the way of earning on binary options. We can afford to conclude a deal to acquire a binary option, almost at random, but for decency we take for the rule that the contract is purchased against the current trend at the first signs of its reversal:
The illustration above shows that the market saw an uptrend, after which the price began to fluctuate in the range and "roll" down. At this point, we can acquire a binary option "below" that meets the following requirements:
  1. The asset should be highly profitable, for example, EURUSD;
  2. Time to choose (think over) in advance, but I recommend to begin with, that would not hurry up and not get confused in the actions, stop at the option of 3 minutes;
  3. For earnings in the IQ Option, you should first choose the minimum value of the option ($ 1).
Effective trading in IQ Option The transaction will either bring us money, or it will be unprofitable, then we will lose the funds spent on buying a binary option ($ 1). In the first case, it's all clear, if the contract brought profit, we'll just wait for the next moment with the trend and the beginning of the correction. On the other hand, what if our operation failed, forget about it and wait for a new signal? Just so forget about the damage we will not, and start to take advantage of even seemingly unfortunate situations. As soon as the binary option is executed in 3 minutes after the purchase, taking our $ 1 with us, we immediately get a new contract, directed down ("below"), with time to expiration of 3 minutes, but for $ 2. Note that the second binary option is acquired immediately, as soon as the previous transaction closes with losses. We do not even need to look at the market, because the direction of the contract is defined, it must coincide with the direction of the closed option (in this example, "below"). Execution time is also desirable to choose the previous (3 minutes) or close in size.
To earn from the IQ Option for this strategy, we just have to wait even for a short period of time. It happens that we have to conclude several deals in a row, before the market enters correction and our transaction closes with profit. In this case, each subsequent binary option is chosen more expensive than the previous one, because the profit on a successfully closed transaction should suffice to cover losses created by unsuccessful transactions.
For example, we bought an option for $ 1, then for $ 2, then for $ 5, which, unlike the previous ones, closed with a profit. Let the profitability was 80%, which means that our profit from the transaction is $ 4 (of which $ 3 is needed in order to cover losses = $1+$2).
Do not forget to calculate in advance what value each subsequent option should have, so that the profit from it is sufficient to cover losses and ensure profit. To make such calculations, you will need to know what the yield on the asset, which you decide to use in the work (I recommend EURUSD, because he has the highest interest rates). In some market situations, you can not get off with three deals, so be prepared that sometimes you may need to purchase 5-6 binary options in a row to successfully close the series. I would also like to warn about two common mistakes among traders who earn from the IQ Option broker in this way:
  1. Do not be greedy, do not overstate the value of the first transaction, because it will determine the price of each subsequent option in the series;
  2. Before commencing a trade, be sure to review the calendar of economic events for important news in the near future.
The fact is that the news may be the reason for the emergence of a strong trend, against which it is highly undesirable to become on the market. So, make sure there is no news, but only then get down to work. These rules (about greed and news) will help you trade more steadily and avoid unpleasant series of transactions.
IQ Option - Official broker website IQ Option.
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Now you know how to effectively trade in the IQ Option and earn a decent amount of money on this. The method is already quite old and tested, so that you can rely on it in your trading. I recommend starting with the EURUSD pair, $ 1 deals and expiring in 3-5 minutes on the contract.